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10 Surprising Benefits Of Coffee For Skin


Having an acne free, flawless evenly toned skin is a must-have for almost every woman. With some spending thousands on different skin care products, trying to find the product that would bring the beautiful results they crave for. Well, getting a flawless radiant skin may not necessarily be beyond your reach, and a practical and very cheap solution may just be sitting on the shelves of your kitchen. Read on to know the benefits of coffee to your skin.

Coffee is one of those beverages that people rely on to get through the day. Even though so many people frown at the little black beans these days, it still has so many benefits, for example, it keeps you alert, gets you through a hangover, gives you an energy boost, and increases your metabolism on a daily basis. But, that’s not all it does, coffee has been discovered to have several skincare remedies and applications and it may just be what you need to get that radiant skin you’ve been longing for.

10 Benefits Of Coffee

Wonder why coffee is termed the ‘wonder drink’ when consumed moderately. Here are the surprising benefits of coffee for your skin.

1.Relaxing Effects

Do you know the rousing effect that you get from having a cup or two? That charging effect that helps to brighten your mood, and help get you through the day especially when you have a lot on your table? Well it turns out that coffee may have the direct opposite effect on your skin when used as topically, relaxing the skin tissues and giving you that soft smooth feel.

2. Remove free Radicals

It is common knowledge that anti-oxidants has so many health benefits, which flushes toxins, improves blood flow and removes free radicals which improve skin tissues and slow down the effects of premature aging caused by stress, heat, pollution, and lack of sufficient sleep. Coffee contains plenty of antioxidants called flavonoids which are released when the coffee is brewed. So get that coffee maker and brew yourself a steamy cup of coffee.

3. Reduces Acne

People who are prone to those nasty pimples are usually told to stop taking coffee and other foods and beverages with high caffeine contents because it triggers an increase in hormone levels that arise to acne. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use this super ingredient to treat the problem from the surface. Several beauty experts recommend using coffee grounds as a form of treatment, thanks to it’s ‘anti-inflammatory properties.’

4. Reducing cellulites

Cellulite is a skin condition where the skin at the thighs and buttocks of a lady seems to have shallow u all over the surface of the skin, giving it a bumpy look. This is caused by expanding fatty cells that lie beneath the skin, as the fatty cells expand, they create small puckering bumps. Taking coffee helps to reduce cellulite, thanks to its high caffeine contents, which dilates the blood vessels, wrapped around the fatty cells, stopping their growth.

5. Removes Dark Circles

Puffy eyes, eye bags, dark circles, or whatever name it’s being called these days are to be treated with extreme prejudice, and for good reasons, they take away your natural good looks and make you look older than you actually are. They are usually caused by fatigue, lack of sleep, improper diet and for a select few, they are born with it. Drinking coffee and applying typically helps to relax the skin around your eyes, while also opening clogged arteries and slowly eliminating eye bags overtime.

6. Anti-inflammation

The caffeine in coffee contains several anti-inflammatory properties that help to regulate sebum excretion and to ward off several skin disorders including acne. For those of us who are already battling acne or some other form of skin disorders, then you should take a second look at those coffee grounds you were about to throw away. While taking coffee helps to improve blood flow and flushes out several types of disease-causing bacterias from the inside, mixing coffee grounds into the scrub and applying topically on the surface soothes the infected areas and deprives the bacteria of thriving.

7. Reduces oily skin

Having oily skin may have a few advantages, but the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages. Times like these make you wish you had the ability to choose what type of skin you’d like to have been born with since most people with oily skins are born that way. Yet having greasy skins also have to do with your diet, free radicals in your body, and environmental pollution. A steamy black cup of coffee helps to reduce clogged pores, removing free radicals thus leaving you with less greasy skin.

8. Helps prevent melanoma

One of the most outstanding benefits of coffee is the fact that it greatly helps to reduce the risk of Melanoma or skin cancer. Melanomas and ‘Non-Basal Carcinoma’ occurs when harsh U.V rays begin to trigger mutations and growth spurts within the skin, this then accumulates to form painful malignant tumors that give rise to an imbalanced cellular growth within the skin. Applying coffee topically while also drinking a few cups a day helps to protect your skin, it’s anti-inflammatory properties helps to prevent the formation of cancerous cells within the skin.

9. Healthy Scalp

Coffee doesn’t just help with your regular skin, it also helps to take care of your scalp which is also part of your skin. It’s true that taking coffee might leave you a bit dehydrated, but it’s vasodilatory properties makes it truly unique, and sure makes up for being a diuretic. Coffee helps promote blood flow all over your body, keeping your scalp healthy and nourished, while also promoting hair growth.

10. An Even Skin tone

Coffee’s Vasodilatory properties which help to promote blood flow helps to create and preserve an even skin tone all over your body, giving you a healthy beautiful look from head to toe.


As the saying goes, too much of anything is bad for your health, knowing the benefits of coffee, its importance and usefulness, taking too much on a daily basis could cause adverse effects to your health. For those who are allergic to caffeine, it’s best you limit your intake of coffee to not more than a cup every couple of days or abstain totally if you get really serious reactions to caffeine.


What are your thoughts on the benefits of coffee for skin? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

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