How To Get Clear Skin Naturally

How To Get Clear Skin Naturally – 8 Tips/Routines


Do you ever get to ask yourself why babies’ skin is so smooth, and clear? Do you wonder maybe it’s the tips and routine most parents follow judiciously, most especially by avoiding harsh chemicals on their skin? Find below the tips and routine on how to get clear skin naturally, just like that of babies.

If you want wonders for your skin at a cost-effective method, or clear skin, free from acne and dark spot, this article is about to be interesting for you. Achieving a smooth, glowing and radiant skin is indeed an uphill task for those who have skin conditions and are prone to acne and can’t get a hang of it, but with this simple and affordable tips on how to get clear skin you are about to read, you will find out that it is indeed possible to achieve clear, glowing and radiant skin without breaking the bank. 

8 Tips and Routines on How To Get Clear Skin Naturally

Nowadays everyone is becoming more concerned about their skin. Some people are concerned about achieving acne free, smooth, and glowing skin, some are concerned about avoiding skin cancer, while others are concerned about the maintenance of an already glowing, smooth, and clear skin. For you to achieve the utmost result, you have to seek a better solution on how to get clear skin. All you need to do is treat your skin like a baby and follow this routine religiously.

According to the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology), there are some self-care tips and routines for managing acne, which is explained below.

  • Exfoliate your skin
  • Wash your hands before washing your face
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Water water water (Hydration)
  • Eat whole food
  • Don’t pop or pick on your skin
  • Read ingredients of the product you want to purchase before purchasing them
  • Quality sleep

1. Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating your skin before having your shower is one big secret. In fact, it is the first step on how to get clear skin naturally, and this method is super easy and cheap. All you need to do is to purchase a body brush from any drugstore specifically for your skin, use the dry brush to scrub your body inwards toward your skin. Remember, it is great before a shower. When you shower you can then wash and rinse the dead skin all out. This is also very relaxing.

Interestingly, the skin is the only part of the body that regenerates, so do not bother about your dead skin cells.

2. Wash your hands before washing your face 

Wash between your hands and fingers properly under running water together with a bar of mild soap to get rid of the germs and bacteria on your hands before touching your face. When you are done washing your hands, you can then get a bowl of water (warm or cold) preferably, lukewarm, to wash your face.

3. Avoid touching your face  

Your hands should be an enemy of your face. With the activities your hands engage in on a daily, ( touching your phone, purse, money, keys, door handles, etc) touching your face is a no-no. The amount of germs your hands accumulate on the daily is not healthy for your face and it does cause a lot of breakouts. 

The reason being, the amount of germs in the atmosphere is alarmingly high. So, it is advisable to make use of earpiece or headphones to reduce the way your mobile devices get in contact with your skin. Endeavor your hand sanitizer is handy for use whenever you touch door handles, keys, money, etc). 

4. Water water water (hydration) 

Water is perfect, not just for your skin but for a well-nourished body. Drinking 3-4 liters of water a day is highly recommended. Also, drink one coconut water once a day for a twist of taste on your tastebuds. Avoid fizzy drinks as much as you can.

Drink a ton of water as this can only have a positive impact on your skin, as it aids circulation and respiration. There is no bad effect of drinking a lot of water aside from the frequent visit to the restroom to urinate. So drink as much as you can on an adequate note.

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5. Eat whole food 

Avoidance of sugar and dairy products is a lifesaver for most people with skin problems as they say it is a trigger for them. To be on a safe side, it will be best to stay away from processed junks like deep-fried food. I am not saying you should not have dairy products but if you have skin issues it’s best to stay clear of them. A healthy diet with less oil intake will help go a long way in achieving clear skin. Fruits and vegetables must be your go-to meal. Vegetables like spinach, broccoli, cucumber, Rocca leaves, capsicum, etc should always be included in your daily diet.

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6. Don’t pop or pick on your skin  

Popping or picking your skin is so tempting for some people especially when the pimple is so visible but I indulge you not to touch it and wait it out. Be patient. Popping or picking your pimple can be detrimental to your skincare routine. Be aware that popping your acne will not only leave dark spots on your skin but it also takes time, money and efforts to clear it out. I would recommend you avoid the afterward stress attached to popping or picking your pimple.

7. Read ingredients of the product you want to purchase before purchasing them

Before purchasing any recommended products, do your research on that product very well. Get to know your skin first and make sure your concerns are addressed, before purchasing any brand. I would recommend you get natural, organic, and quality products. You don’t want to be using heavy and harsh chemicals on your skin routinely. Start a skincare regime and make sure it suits your budget, (affordability is key) and ensure caring for your skin can be achieved at your convenient time.

Your skin needs you to care for it, just the way you need your skin to be clear, acne-free, and youthful. Remember to find what works for your skin and run with it. You should do a lot of DIYs to avoid breaking your bank.

8. Quality sleep  

To achieve a clear, acne-free, and youthful skin, 8 hours of quality sleep is a must-have. Quality sleep has a great influence on how you look, feel and perform your activities on a daily. Stress triggers a lot of skin problems such as acne, wrinkles, sallows, etc. 

If you are not getting enough sleep, stress level builds up which your skin may suffer the consequences at a later date. when you are sleep-deprived, your body makes more of the stress hormone called cortisol which is not best for your health. Having a good sleep will go a long way which can only mean one thing—positive skin health.


A healthy lifestyle is a sure-fire way to achieve smooth skin. Also, make sure you change your pillowcase every other day. Finally, what are your thoughts on how to get clear skin naturally? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

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