Stressed Skin Remedies

6 Easy & Effective Stressed Skin Remedies


The mind isn’t the only part that feels stressed when you’re under pressure. Studies have shown that a negative psyche doesn’t affect only your mental health alone, but negative emotions also impair your skin’s effectiveness. Assuming that, the skin is like a dashboard or surface to your body that needs to be clean and clear regularly from dirt and stress. Stressed skin can be defined as the outward appearance (symptoms) caused by internal stress. This article is all about stressed skin remedies.

Signs Of a Stressed Skin

One of the common symptoms of stress skin is dryness, excess oil, redness, and fine lines. We can all admit that at some point, we’ve experienced some form of stress in our lives—stress from a busy schedule, late nights, super-hectic social events to attend, etc. 

1. The appearance of Acne

There is a strong link between acne and stress. When the body is under any pressure or stress, it releases certain hormones, known as cortisol. The function of these hormones is to cause glands under the skin to produce excess oil. These excess oil produced can be trapped in the hair follicles alongside dirt and dead skin cells to create skin pimples. It’s shocking to note that, rigid skin care routine may not be enough to care for the imbalanced hormone battles happening underneath the surface.

2. The occurrence of Psoriasis and Rosacea

Those having skin issues like psoriasis or rosacea can experience flare-ups due to excess stress. Rosacea looks like a red flush that spreads across the nose, cheeks, and chin, etc. In comparison, psoriasis is silvery scaly patches on the skin due to buildups of too many skin cells. Stress is the fuel of this inflammation on the skin.

3. Presence of Hives and Rashes

Although, other factors can cause the appearance of hives and rashes such as; food allergy’s, insect sting, and reactions from medicine. Hives are swollen, itchy, and red boils on the skin. Stress is a major cause of hives and can make existing hives to become worst. Chronic hives can sometimes be immune responses triggered by factors like heat, extreme exercise, or alcohol use.

4. Loss of Hair

A lustrous and thick hair is not only for the right image but also for good health. Body hair undergoes an active and resting phase. Active phases are periods in which the skin hair grows while the resting stage is where the hair relaxes. When the body is stressed unnecessarily, hair lingers in the resting phase longer than it’s expected, causing loss of hair.

5. Brittle Nails

When the body is under stress, the nails can become thin and fragile. Stressed people have a high tendency of bad nail habits, such as biting or chewing their nails and cuticles. This habit can cause nail damage and infections.

6. The dullness of the skin

Dull skin might not be the most recognized symptom that skin is stressed, but it’s one of the essential pointers. The first thing to notice in a stressed person is the skin becomes stressed. Meaning that the individual can’t do well to keep an active look. Dull skin is sure signs of water loss from the skin can lead to your body, not shedding as many skin cells.

6 Effective Stressed Skin Remedies

Academy of Dermatology (AAD) declares stress itself can worsen skin issues, and more stress can result in vicious cycles of disease. It’s a common saying that true beauty starts from within. Skin is the body’s largest external organ that reflects the internal war within the body. Here are 6 easy and effective stressed skin remedies.

1. Using a Gentle Facial Cleanser

Face Cleanser
Using the appropriate face cleanser makes your skin feel soft and not dry. (Credit: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels)

The use of aggressive cleanser on your skin with harsh skin care products should be avoided. Instead, use a gentle cleansing and airy foam facial cleanser to remove every trace of makeup. Use a cotton bud with the facial cleanser and wipe the bud across your face. According to a dermatologist, cleansing a stressed-out skin, the practice of gentle is the operative word.

2. Application Of Moisturiser

How To Moisturize The skin
Moisturizing the skin helps keep the skin smooth and soft. (Credit: Retha Ferguson/Pexels)

Individuals suffering from stressed and sensitive skin should turn their focus to good moisturizer. Moisturizer can helps repair the skin barrier, resist visible symptoms of aging. The moisturizer also acts as a shield to your skin and smoothen the face morning and night.

3. Using a Smooth Face Mask

Clay on Skin
Clay soothe skin Irritation, especially those caused by bee stings, wasps, ants, and spiders. (Credit: Isabell Winter/Unsplash)

When appearing stressed when taking a look at your mirror, it’s a sign that you need to make the right moment for yourself alone. Face masks have been reported to transform stressed skin dramatically. A better way to soothe noted skin is to treat your face with a face mask while sitting back and relaxing. The face mask, in particular, can cause immediate calming and reduces redness.

4. Massage

Massage increases the rate of blood flow and circulation from the heart. (Credit: cottonbro/Pexels)

Warm massage improves the passage of built-up waste fluids from the body. It also removes toxins from the body using pressurized and rhythmic circular movements around the neck. In return, this can encourage the texture of your skin and speed up the healing of scar tissue. It can also reduce swelling and puffiness as the massage increases the rate of blood flow and circulation from the heart.

5. Warm Body Wash

A steamy shower or bath can help relax the mind and also exacerbates a stressed-out complexion. This warm bath can also be irritating active ingredients from the skin and leaves the skin feeling softer.

6. Stop The Work Cycle

Stress expresses itself in people at different times, not at the same time, but every person ultimately does experience stress to some degree. Rather than comparing stress levels with other people, you gauge the degree and effect of stress on you. Then choose to take care of yourself at the right time.


While most cases, we can’t control the myriad ways stress throws its self at us when we’re all too unexpecting. But we can take charge of the way that we choose to react to it. This article on stressed skin remedies helps you know how stress can affect your skin and it can be relieving in most situations if you accept it to be. Suppose that requires combating face acne flare-ups or fine lines. Care for body and, importantly, the skin is one of the little ways you can slowly but surely take control of your health.


This article on 6 easy and effective stressed skin remedies helps to know more about how stress can be bad for your skin and overall health. We have also shown you 6 easy stressed skin remedies. However, if you have any questions related to this article but we did not talk about, kindly drop them in the comment section.

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