Dry Sensitive Skin

Dry Sensitive Skin: 7 Proven Skin Care Routine


Flawless skin is not just a function of the DNA but your daily habits and skincare products used regularly. Individuals with dry sensitive skin, find it a daily struggle to maintain skin hydration levels properly throughout the day. To avoid dry and flaky skin, you need a skin care routine that holds onto moisture.

Caring for your skin is simply personal hygiene, and the goal of every skin-care routine is to tune up the skin complexion to function optimally, as well as troubleshooting any weak spots. Those with dry skin, are usually afraid of the winter season because of its chilled temperature which usually aggravates dehydration. Although, despite people having different skin types, medical practitioners suggest that everybody should have a proper daytime and night-time skin care routine. Differentiating between morning and nighttime routines is very crucial.

A morning routine is made to protect your skin from harsh environmental effects, such as UV light and pollution. while your nighttime routine focuses on the repair of the skin or worn out tissues. Usually, building a rigid personal skincare routine can be a very difficult assignment to do but it’s very important to follow consistently. Therefore, following a skincare
routine, especially for dry skin, will help in achieving smooth and flawless skin.

Research made by the American Academy of Dermatology, reveals that 56% of people have sensitive skin. Dry skin is mostly experienced with people having sensitive skin because it keeps moisture away from the skin and from entering inside the skin tissue.

Generally, sensitive skin can be defined as a type of skin condition where the skin easily breaks out in rashes, gets blotchy red, burns, or stings. Different symptoms of dry skin are results from, unfavorable weather conditions and response to skincare products. Also changing skincare products frequently can irritate the skin due to the accumulation of irritating ingredients.

Sometimes using different anti-aging skin care, containing harsh chemicals can cause sensitivity of the skin. Using simple, right skin care products and following a particular routine judiciously can make a huge difference.

Daily Skin Care Routine To Manage Dry Sensitive Skin

Everyone should have a skin care routine they follow, irrespective of their skin type. You should have your personal skin care routine to help preserve your skin. If you have dry sensitive skin, it’s advisable to follow the routine highlighted below;

1. Use Proper Face Cleanser

Face Cleanser
Using the appropriate face cleanser makes your skin feel soft and not dry. (Credit: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels)

First of all, proper washing and taking off every makeup from the face must be carried out. This is the first routine to observe immediately after waking up in the morning. Having dry skin needs a mild, gentle, and hydrating face wash. For dry sensitive skin, it’s recommended to┬ástay away from makeup wipes. Because these wipes contain alcohol which will dry the facial skin the more. The dermatologist recommends looking for a cleanser that hydrates the skin rather than strips the skin of its moisture.

Use oil or balm makeup removing cleanser because it will clean off your makeup and also protect your skin. With the right formula, the cleanser will perform a proper function without stripping essential, healthy oils. Also, take it lightly with exfoliating scrubs to avoid harsh ingredients and crushed skin. When using the appropriate face cleanser, your skin should feel soft and not dry. If after washing, your skin feels tight, irritated, and dry change cleansers immediately.

2. Use of Toner

Toners are known for adding extra hydration or moisture and prepares the skin to absorb other products. Toners are regarded as liquid supplements that deliver extra nutrients, helps other skincare products in your regimen absorb better, while still balancing your complexion.

There are several products of toner, and they add specific nutrients that other products can’t add and they also replenish the skin. Although, they are a lot of alcoholic toners out there, so it’s best to go after products that explicitly state the toner is for hydration. It is important to look at the ingredients table because many toners contain alcohol. Look for a toner that contains ingredients such as rose and hyaluronic acid for their hydrating properties.

3. Serum Application

Serums are an important way to take care of different skin conditions. They contain a high dose of active ingredients that replenish the skin and keep it healthy. The exfoliating serum is known to remove flaky skin, dullness, and refreshing the skin by keeping it soft. Serums are indeed powerful skin allies. At night, using serum added with retinol is a better combination, because retinol can also cure. Moreso, retinol is tolerable for dry sensitive skin.

4. Application of Moisturizer

How To Moisturize The skin
Moisturizing the skin helps keep the skin smooth and soft. (Credit: Retha Ferguson/Pexels)

The use of a good moisturizer can not be neglected when treating a dry sensitive skin condition. This is because moisturizer drives in the toner and serums into the epithelial tissues. People treating dry skin conditions must apply moisturizers especially after cleaning your skin. More importantly, moisturizers aid in preventing water loss through the outer layers of the skin. At this point, it’s important to note that all moisturizer doesn’t perform the same function. Some moisturizer is made to perform differently from others, some others are made to add moisture to the skin while others aren’t. Moisturizer can also work hand in hand with natural protective oils and other building blocks within the skin.

5. Eye Cream

Although, the use of eye cream is not very important for people suffering from specific skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, dryness or puffiness, etc. but may need to apply eye cream nevertheless. The skin around the eyes is usually thin, fragile, easily damaged and drier compared to other areas of the body. They are also more likely to react to harsh ingredients than other areas of the body.

Dermatologists recommend the use of eye cream for dry sensitive skin, considering the sensitivity of the eye and their low tolerance to irritating ingredients. Eye creams are very rich in vitamins and it’s advisable to use every night before going to bed.

6. The Use of Face Mask

Clay on Skin
Clay soothe skin Irritation, especially those caused by bee stings, wasps, ants, and spiders. (Credit: Isabell Winter/Unsplash)

Using facemask can add moisture to your skin. It is advisable to incorporate face masks into your daily regimen. Choosing hydrating masks containing ingredients such as colloidal oatmeal, hyaluronic acid can be very effective in combating skin conditions related to dry skin.

7. Sunscreen

Dermatologist recommends the use of sunscreen regimen because it’s the most crucial skin care products. Consistent usage of sunscreen can forestall the development of wrinkles, textural imperfections of fine lines, and changes in the appearance of pores over time. Daily sunscreen can also help prevent your dry skin from damage and formation of certain skin cancers.


What are your thoughts on our daily skin care routine to manage dry sensitive skin? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

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