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Ultimate 60 Second Rule: How To Care For Your Acne Free Skin


The world is becoming fast-paced and we have had to adjust our lifestyles to fit in. Twenty-four hours never seemed to be enough, so we rush through our daily routines like bathing and/or washing our faces just to meet up. That was before. Given recent developments around the world, there has been a slight change to our lifestyles due to the COVID-19 pandemic which now has us confined to our homes. Some people are still keeping busy though but, there’s a difference this time around. So, why not give the 60 second rule a chance today.

Before now, going out and socializing with others had always seemed like a herculean task due to the condition of our skins. Having something like pimples, particularly those big angry ones, did not help our self-esteem in any way. They had a way of affecting our self-confidence and making us feel as though we had fallen short of society’s bar because let’s face it, society is big on appearances. So, when we go out, we avoid looking people in the eye, avoid group photographs, and just about anything that will make people not notice the big signboards on our faces.

Reasons Why You Need a Skin Care Routine

Some of us have gone to lengths to try to get rid of acne or pimples on our faces, but so far we don’t seem to have made much progress. Others haven’t tried to do anything about the condition of their skins and just let it be believing that it will resolve itself soon without any skincare routine and/or products. For those who have never really thought about trying out a skin care routine and/or product, you need to start paying attention to your skin and I have got some reasons to back that.

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1. Your skin sheds daily

Though you can’t see it, your skin sheds daily; new skin replacing the old. If anything is not done to maintain the skin, it will cause a build-up of dirt on the skin which will block the pores and dull your skin. Skin care helps to take care of that and will have you glowing in no time.

2. Skin types are different

This is quite true. What worked for someone else might not work for you. I have come across individuals with oily skins that do not think twice about not creaming their body. While that may not be advisable, I know enough about my skin type to know that not using lotion will be disastrous for me. So, even if a friend of yours can get away without trying a skin care routine, you might not be as lucky.

3. Choices made today affect your future skin

You might not have thought about this but, the choices you make regarding your skin today will affect how they turn out later in life. Bad choices such as sleeping with makeup on will clog our skin pores and promote bacterial infections which will affect your faces ultimately in the form of pimples and other reactions. Embarking on a skin care routine and/or products will help improve your skin.

4. It boosts your confidence

The face is the first part of you that people see before anything else. Taking out the time to care for your skin will increase your self-esteem. You’ll find yourself walking into a room full of strangers with your head held high and a smile on your lips.

The benefits of caring for the skin cannot be overemphasized. Seeing as the nations of the world are on lockdown and you may kind of have some time on your hands, now looks like a good time to pay attention to your skin so that you can come out of lockdown with a glow that’ll cause your previous looks to pale in comparison.

60 Second Rule

I want to share with you a way of caring for your skin that will make a huge difference in your looks at no cost to you. This technique is called the 60 second rule. You might have heard about it before, if not, you’re in for a treat. This rule came about from an aesthetician by the name Nayamka Roberts-Smith. She encouraged that people wash their faces morning and night for 60 seconds.

Morning cleansing removes bacteria that might have resulted from the spit trail while you slept, dirt from the pillows as well as oil build up. Night cleansing gets rid of makeup, bacteria, and pollution that has accumulated on your face in the course of the day. This technique is advised because most people on average spend 10 to 15 seconds in washing their faces and end up complaining about their cleanser and other skincare products not being effective. It might not necessarily be the products. It could be you.

What the 60 second rule cleansing does is that it softens your skin, cleans out your pores by removing the oils and dirt clogging it, removes leftover makeup, and sweat from the day’s activities. This leaves your skin really clean and open for the cleanser and other products to actually work on it. You should start noticing the difference within a week or two. 15 seconds is too short for the cleanser to take effect before rinsing it out so, the 60 second rule provides it an opportunity to actually do its work.

It also gives time to pay attention to the parts of our faces we tend to overlook when doing the fifteen seconds wash such as the area around the nose, the area under the hairline, and under the chin. In cleansing your face, you are to use your fingers. Sponges and face brushes are not allowed; just your fingers. Don’t scrub too hard but, gently massage the cleanser onto your face. Massaging warms up your skin and encourages blood circulation while teasing out the dirt. If you keep at it after the first thirty seconds, you might notice grime under your fingers which is a sign that it’s being done right.

A step-by-step guide of the 60 Second Rule Routine is provided below:

  1. Apply your cleanser to your face (with your hands of course).
  2. Spread it around your face using your fingers in a circular motion. Be gentle about it.
  3. Don’t forget the area around your nose, your hairline, and under your chin.
  4. Keep massaging your face until the sixty seconds are up.
  5. Rinse up and dry.

Unless you have a wall clock or a timer in your bathroom, you will need a way to actually time yourself when observing the 60 second rule routine and be sure it is sixty seconds on the dot. You could try counting under your breath or in your head but, you could easily get distracted and lose count. I would advise that you try singing the alphabet song twice or any other sixty seconds song you know in your head or out loud. That way, you get to keep to time and you have fun doing it.

One last thing

You might notice a skin purge a little time after starting on this routine. A skin purge is a worsening of your present skin condition due to a routine or treatment embarked on. What this means is that if you had a previously smooth face to an extent, you might start noticing pimples popping all over the place and if you already had pimples, it would start getting worse. But don’t quit the 60 second rule routine.


Calm down. Take a deep breath. You’ve got nothing to worry about if it’s really a skin purge. The purge shows that the treatment is actually working and all the dirt, oil and, bacteria that have been lying under the surface are being exposed in that form. The oil and dirt have got to go somewhere and a way to do that is to come out as pimples and the rest. You should not stop the routine as a result of this. You should keep at it and the purge will end with you coming out with beautiful skin. It wouldn’t cost you much so, do give it a try today.


What are your thoughts on our 60 second rule? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

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